We offer the perfect environment for your puppy to socialise and interact with other dogs of all ages and breeds. This is such an important stage for puppies as they learn to decipher and communicate social signs, as well as gain many key life skills helping them to become confident and happy as they grow.


Although puppies will mainly socialise with other puppies, we do introduce older dogs to the pack to enhance their interaction which keeps the little ones full of joy and ready to learn. We make sure that the older dogs are good role models, calm and very well behaved which avoids rough play and teaches them perfect dog etiquette.


As part of our puppy day care we offer basic training. It is a crucial stage for a puppy as this is when they will pick up bad habits or try to work out what they can and can't get away with. Of course within the group environment, we teach them the basic tools for social interaction with each other and reinforce important commands for daily life with recall being the number one asked for by our owners. As important as socialising with other dogs is, human interaction is just as important. Your puppy will mix with a few different members of staff while training and will bond with us as well as learn that people other than their family are fun and safe


Whilst we are keen for puppies to play and have lots of fun they do need rest for correct development, which is why we offer them chances to relax and sleep so that they are not being over exercised. Puppies, as we all know, tend to eat a lot and need feeding at regular intervals helping them grow and develop efficiently. We are happy to provide this service as part of our puppy day care as long as the food is supplied by the owner.



We can accept puppies from the age of 11 weeks once the vaccination period is complete.


A free collection and drop off service is available and we are fully insured which includes key handling if you need us to access your home while you are out.


We provide daily updates, pictures and videos so you can see how much fun your puppy is having.


All staff members are canine first aid trained and qualified.


We strive for the ultimate Puppy Day Care experience in London and we look forward to working with you soon. Please contact us  to tell us a little bit more about your dog and arrange a free consultation.

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