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Do you wish to live with a confident dog that is free of stress and a pleasure to be around?

Do you plan on getting a puppy and would love an expert's helps along every step of the way?

Do you wish to receive guidance on all things dog from passionate dog lovers who have made it their mission to help London pet dog owners?

We believe in force free training, respect of the dogs' feelings and making training fun with games in order to strengthen the bond between human and animal.

We work with dogs every day and we invest in continuous learning.


'Oreo is my biggest fan and my most valuable mentor. I would not be on this path had it not been for his hardships during puppyhood and his anxious demeanour'

IMDT member 

Puppy set up

Every breed has its own unique characteristics and some puppies will easier suit your lifestyle than others. In addition, choosing the right breeder can be detrimental in how well the pup will adjust to London's environment...

We are here to share our knowledge...

Puppy training

Do you wish to set your puppy up for success and nurture them into a confident dog? Do you wish to be better prepared to understand and tackle all without putting in more effort than necessary?

We are here to help you every step of the way ...

1-2-1 training

Ever wished your dog to come back every time you called? To be interested in playing with you? To learn new tricks?

We are here to show you how to create a better bond with your dog...


Is your dog struggling with frustration and are you facing issues affecting your day to day?  

Is your dog afraid every time there are fireworks going?

Is your dog growling or barking towards people?

Is your dog uncomfortable around other dogs?

We are here to help you...

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